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Jenn Doty is a Bay Area Native known for her commitment to prompt, personalized service, and unwavering professionalism. Quick to connect with clients on a personal level, you can count on a tailored game plan, timely assistance, and perhaps most importantly – refreshingly candid communication. Isn’t that who you want in your corner when navigating our highly competitive real estate market?

Jenn's unique perspective, shaped by her background in photography and luxury brand marketing sets her apart. Her previous role as Account Manager and Producer for Fortune 500 companies has equipped her with the skills to set timelines, establish goals, and execute effective marketing strategies, all of which benefit her clients. With a creative sensibility honed through experience in top Museums and Galleries, she brings a level of client care that is truly exceptional.

Having lived in diverse locations such as Hawaii, Los Angeles, London and San Francisco, Jenn has cultivated a profound appreciation for community and knows the importance of finding a place to call home. Her steadfast commitment to serving clients and her strong ties to the community position her as an invaluable partner in navigating our complex real estate market.

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